Share Market is often a risky place to trade on. However the risk can be reduced using option strategies. Option strategy is the combinations of buying and/or selling of options simultaneously, to reduce the risk and increase the profit. Many traders have started using option trading without understanding it completely. Thus it has left them hanging in between and not takes full advantage of option strategies.

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There are many types of option strategies like covered call, butterfly spread, long straddle, long strangle. Each strategy has its own function and features. This can be quite overwhelming for traders and they tend to shy away from it. However we have tailor made a course that makes it easy to understand option trading strategies.

The course gives a synopsis of various strategies for trading in options to earn more money on a comparatively less risk. This module teaches about various options strategies to help traders make the best use of the options available on the stock market. The course gives an outline of all the option strategies so, that traders can utilize the strategy that is best suitable for them.

The course is best suitable for traders, sub-brokers, investor, or any individuals who are interested in option strategies. This course is also very important for people who want a career in stock broking houses and companies. The course will give an introduction to options, and option payoffs. It will help you understand how to build option strategies in the stock market. It will teach you to hedge the risks and increase the profits.

After completing this course you can easily use option strategy to make more money at less risk. This can help you gain complete knowledge and analysis of option trading strategy which in turn will increase your profit. It will make you efficient to deal with multiple market strategies with complete understanding of profit making concepts.