This Smart trader course is intended to provide the share market basics and also covers Advanced topics. So, you can learn the trading terminologies & mechanism of share markets in the better way. This course itself consists of all essential topics that cover the stock market basics, and also helps to know more about investment in stock markets, participants in the stock market, along with technical analysis. By learning the overall trading mechanism, we will also get an idea about stock pricing and investments within a short duration This is the major advantage of this online course.

  • Duration
    1 Month
  • Training Mode
  • Language
  • Skill level
  • Certificate
₹14500 ₹15000
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Under the Smart Trader course, the learners are taught to avoid common mistakes that most new traders tend to make. Things covered under this course include identification of the four stages of a trend, calculation of support and resistance and measurement of risk and reward, Psychology behind investor decision making, etc. It also covers hands-on training of technical analysis software. In short, this course aims to make you trade like a pro!


  • what is the stock market?
  • why invest in the stock market?
  • Difference between Investment and Trading?
  • Types of markets?
  • Trading Terminologies 
  • corporate actions like Bonus, Dividend , split.
  • How to Trade in the Live market?
  • Difference between Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis?
  • Introduction to Chart Analysis?
  • Types of charts and analysis.
  • How to Identify market movement.
  • Candlestick Analysis.
  • Concept of price action.
  • Identifying Trend Patterns.
  • Indicators and uses.
  • Understanding Risk and Reward ratio.
  • practical use of trading software.
  • Secret entry for low-risk high-reward trades in the Equity market.
  • setup with a simplified strategy.
  • Do’s and Don’t of Trading.
  • BONUS: How to study IPO before apply. 
  • Causes of Price Fluctuation in the market .and learn How  to create portfolio by yourself. 
  • Eligibility:
    • Student from higher secondary, undergraduate and post graduates.
    • Teachers who want to teach about financial security exchange.
    • Brokers and sub brokers of stock market.
    • Investor and Traders of stock market.
    • Employees of Banks, Mutual funds companies, Insurance companies, Financial institutes, etc.
    • RM, SRM and dealers who wants to advance in their careers financially.
    • Any individual who wants to increase their knowledge of stock market.
  • On Completion:

    • You will get B INVESTMENTS  Course completion Certificate.