Basic Stock Market Course

This Basic stock market course is intended to provide the share market basics for everyone in this trading community. So, you can learn the trading terminologies & mechanism of share markets in the better way. This course itself consists of all essential topics that cover the stock market basics, that helps to know more about investment in stock markets, participants in the stock market.

Who should take this Course:

College Students:

Who are all interested in the stock market and trading.


Who want to learn the basics of stock market.

Retired Persons:

Who want to get an idea about investments.


Who want to gain more knowledge about trading terminology.

Working Professionals:

Who want to learn about overall trading and analysis.

Individual Investors:

Seeking additional knowledge on pricing and technical analysis.

What you'll learn

  1. Basics of Stock market Course helps to learn more about the functionalities of stock market and its participants. Factors that influence the stock prices along with the corporate actions
  2. You will learn about Investments and its types in detail along with Inflation. By acquiring knowledge on various options on investments helps you to apply it in real time trading
  3. You will also get knowledge about trading platform and its operations along with the primary and secondary markets. Consequently, the keen understanding of risk and reward ratios enhances your trading knowledge
  4. Clearing and settlement in stock market besides trading mechanism you will also learn the settlement cycle in detail. In the same way, it pays the way for clearer vision on trading terms and benefits.
  5. You will also learn about exchanges and its operations in the stock market. With the structure of securities market, you will know how to trade, understanding the cash and derivative market. Along with a company analysis before investment, you will also learn the trading plan that includes Do’s and Don’ts in trading. You will get an idea about different types of products and participants in the stock market.
  6. All topics with clear explanations make you aware of trading methods in the short period of time is an added advantage of this course.